Top 2 Magazine Makers Benefit Traffic Increase

It is general knowledge that website traffic leads to great increase in potential customers, sales, branding or online exposure. As for marketers, applying powerful magazine makers to make products/services visually in magazine is gorgeous. These vital marketing tools fits every industry.


Start to publish compelling magazine content online to boost traffic and improve search engine optimization with ease. Here strongly recommended two amazing magazine makers that benefit traffic increase. AnyFlip is professional to create interactive magazine for capturing wider attention while PubHTML5 is powerful to inspire audiences with exquisite rich media magazine. These top two magazine makers make your marketing strategies achieve rewarding results.



AnyFlip-Praiseworthy Magazine Maker Boosts Traffic

AnyFlip provides a better way to improve PDF performance. It is free designed to make your content visual and attention-grabbing. Visit its official website, you can learn more about its amazing features.


Focus on High Quality Design

It is sure that low-quality magazine offers no real value, hence, this top magazine maker offers super page editor to enrich magazine with interactivity and rich media. In this case, audiences can be well engaged in your informative content. And the 3D realistic page flipping effect ensures a life-like reading experience for them.


Top 2 Magazine Makers Benefit Traffic Increase


Features SEO Friendly

There is no doubt that search engine optimization contributes great page views of your magazine content. Strong title, description and meta information of magazine can be easily indexed by search engines. This free magazine maker makes SEO friendly magazine in minutes. As your magazine ranks higher, it will lead to great exposure, then millions of audiences can search and read your magazine.


Top 2 Magazine Makers Benefit Traffic Increase


Share Everything on Social Media

AnyFlip provides awesome publishing solution to make your magazine well-known around the world. By sharing your exquisite magazine via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and more, audiences worldwide will know about your magazine and click to read. It is sure that the interesting and dynamic magazine design will impress them on all devices.


Top 2 Magazine Makers Benefit Traffic Increase


In short, AnyFlip is an irreplaceable magazine maker that benefits your traffic increase. It makes your magazine modern and dynamic. With powerful publishing platform and social networks, your content will be widespread to global.



PubHTML5-Creative Magazine Design Increases Page Views

PubHTML5 is trusted by 1,046,736 publishers worldwide, it turns PDF into engaging rich media experience with ease. Fully customized magazine is sure to reach audiences easily.


Beautify Magazine with Rich Content

“Content is king”. This powerful magazine maker creates media rich magazine with animation editor and page editor. You are sure to embed videos in magazine to engage audiences with visual experience.


Top 2 Magazine Makers Benefit Traffic Increase


Embed to WordPress and Joomla

Publish your well-designed HTML5 magazine as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal modules plugins, then embedding it into your sites. In this case, you content can be visually displayed and your sites will be animated to attract audiences. It is efficient to increase website traffic.


Top 2 Magazine Makers Benefit Traffic Increase


Text Version for SEO

PubHTML5 makes it easy to ensure search engine visibility by customizing magazine’s title, description and keywords. This amazing magazine maker enables SEO feature to make your magazine highly searchable. It makes more audiences to know and enjoy your magazine, which is effective to increase page views.


Top 2 Magazine Makers Benefit Traffic Increase


To sum up, drawing audiences to digital magazine will brings considerable results. Try this magazine maker to boost marketing success.


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